"The Shacklefords were a short-lived folk-pop act led by two of the more interesting figures in the L.A. music scene of the 1960s -- Lee Hazlewood, the idiosyncratic singer, song..." もっと読む


  • The Shacklefords - Until You've Heard the Shacklefords, You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet

    Until You've Heard the Shacklefords, You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet

    0 Tracks
    レーベル: Mercury
    ""An interesting combination of folk and country music presented in an honest, warm, and appealing manner" boasts the banner on the back sleeve. Ah, whatever happened to the days when they..." Read more
  • The Shacklefords - The Shacklefords Sing

    The Shacklefords Sing

    13 Tracks
    レーベル: Rev-Ola Records
    "Any project involving Lee Hazlewood is virtually guaranteed a high degree of quality, even when the material is commercially targeted and, often, purely exploitative. All that is the case with The ..." Read more
    • 1.
      The City Never Sleeps
    • 2.
    • 3.
      Ain't It?, Babe
    • 4.
      Mansion of Tears
    • 5.
      Muddy Muddy River
    • 6.
      The Leaves
    • 7.
      Let the Good Times...
    • 8.
      Everything I Touch...
    • 9.
      Not the Lovin' Kind
    • 10.
      Five Feet High and...
    • 11.
      That Old Freight T...
    • 12.
      The Biplane, Everm...
    • 13.
      First Street Blues...
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