"T. Graham Brown rose to country stardom through the uniquely Southern phenomenon of beach music, a party-ready mix of old-time rock & roll, R&B, country, and blues. Born in Arab..." もっと読む

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  • Hell an...
  • Don't G...
  • Darlene
  • Young C...


  • T. Graham Brown - Come as You Were

    Come as You Were

    10 Tracks
    レーベル: CEMA Special Markets
    "T. Graham Brown's second-highest charting album, Come as You Were, is also one of his best, displaying a range of styles beyond the country-soul ballads for which he is known. The leadoff trac..." Read more
    • 1.
    • 2.
      This Wanting You
    • 3.
      I Read a Letter Today
    • 4.
      She's Okay and I'm...
    • 5.
      The Time Machine
    • 6.
      Come as You Were
    • 7.
      You Left the Water...
    • 8.
      The Best Love I Ne...
    • 9.
      Never Say Never
    • 10.
      I'll Believe It Wh...
  • T. Graham Brown - I Tell It Like It Used to Be

    I Tell It Like It Used to Be

    3 Tracks
    レーベル: Liberty
    "With the sessions split between Nashville's Woodland Sound Studio and Muscle Shoals, T. Graham Brown's debut often sounds affectionately like the raw, impassioned work of a garage band. ~..." Read more
    • 1.
      Say When
    • 2.
      Don't Go to Strangers
    • 3.
      Rock It, Billy
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