"Genius is a rare commodity in any art form, but at the end of the 20th century it seemed all but non-existent in jazz, a music that had ceased looking ahead and begun swallowing..." もっと読む

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  • Anthony Braxton - Anthony Braxton Live

    Anthony Braxton Live

    0 Tracks
    レーベル: Bluebird
    "With the exception of a 23-minute classical piece that was left out, this single CD has all of the music from Anthony Braxton's two-LP set The Montreux/Berlin Concerts. There are three Braxton..." Read more
  • Anthony Braxton - The Montreux/Berlin Concerts

    The Montreux/Berlin Concerts

    0 Tracks
    レーベル: Arista
    "Anthony Braxton has recorded so extensively during the '80s and '90s that it is potentially foolhardy to call any of his recordings "definitive," but this two-LP set comes close..." Read more
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