• 1.
    Good at Being Bad
  • 2.
    Big Mac Attack
  • 3.
    Toe Up from the Flo Up
  • 4.
    Waxahachie Drag Race
  • 5.
    Bobwire Betty
  • 6.
    Chili Pepper Mama
  • 7.
    Bad Habit or Two
  • 8.
    Rockin' Country Cat
  • 9.
    Rockin' Calaveras
  • 10.
    Rippin' and a Roarin'
  • 11.
    Bayou Beauty
  • 12.
    The Frim Fram Sauce
  • 13.
    Party Slab


At age 60, and with a lifetime of rock & roll behind him and accounted for, Ronnie Dawson could still bring the heat, as exemplified by this inspired session. Recording for the first time in America in a couple of decades, Dawson turned in a plate of originals, co-written with manager/producer Barney Koumis, that tell the tale of what happens when a rockabilly wildcat reaches middle age. Tunes like "Good at Being Bad," "Mac Attack," "Toe Up from the Flo Up," and "Bad Habit or Two" address rebel concerns in an age of political correctness, seeing life for what it is while defiantly refusing to equate getting older with getting old. Sharing the lead guitar duties with Mike Molnar and Matt Robbins (on "Party Slab"), Dawson rocks just as hard as ever and his material has never been better. This record puts the lie to most any "too old to rock & roll" myth you'd care to encounter. ~ Cub Koda, Rovi

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