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ノート: This Brazilian singer has a wonderful voice and I also love it when she sings in Italian. This song is 'Asa Morena'.
O esta canción es bastante famosa en
midomi tamben, la he escuchado a varios
amigos, todos en su estilo personal y
bello, pero le pregunto, esta es de
brasil originalmente?
preciosa mi querida amiga, su acento,su
dulzura tu timbre de voz, todo,
Parabens e beijos , desde mi oceano,
desde mi globo aerostático...lol, de a
poco voy encontrando formas de
desplazarme hasta mis corazones amados,
me faltan aún varias..."piano piano va
lontano" :)))
Beijos beijos!!!
:))) Sim, acho que sim, amiga, bem...
pelo menos só conheço esta versão em
Português. Hahaha, é verdade, vários
gravaram, ficaram maravilhosas, tanto,
que comentei que eu deveria regravar,
pra poder fazer jus (ou tentar, lol) às
outras interpretações que temos aqui.
Não gostaria de deixar a Zizi
envergonhada, LOL.
Também tenho tentado chegar aos meus
amigos, para que saibam que estão
sempre presente em meus pensamentos,
embora às vezes eu me demore em
visitá-los a todos... Mas eu concordo,
amiga, devagar se vai ao longe. :) -
Continue em seu barquinho oceano afora,
porque as ilhazinhas ensolaradas a
atrairão como um ímã, já que você
é uma delas. :D - O amor é o Capitão
deste seu barquinho, jamais sairá da
rota. ;)
Thanks for singing this song Diva!!
I guess you were the first to introduce
this song! and now we've seen so many of
the beauties.. hehehe. I'm so stuch wid
my exams that i cant sing :( Wish i had
i would had loved to put my efforts to
the song.. as Hera did. (Although he was
exceptionally great!!)
Thanks for your poetic translations on
Lu's page;) .. i was very touched. hehe.
u see..
the spell is spreading!!
Oh, my dear Sagar, how good it is to
have you here visiting me again, thank
you. :D
Yes, it looks like I was the first to
record this, but I knew that Lú would
decide to sing it someday, and then,
yesss, it'd be a rendition worth
listening to. ;)
She did, and the results are there,
hahaha, Hera, Rayo & Michele... And
hopefully, sometime soon, Howie,
Mónica, maybe Dewi and yeahhh, YOU! :D
I'll be here, crossing my fingers so
that you do not change your mind till
you are able to start recording again,
my friend. :)))
Kissesssss going straight to India,
Hahahaha, ahhh, Sagar... That attempt of
mine to translate the song was a
complete disaster, lol, Howard politely
said it hadn't helped much, lol, but I
had lots of fun with that talk there,
and I thank you for taking your time to
read, I hope you've had some fun too.
Oh my, I think Im under the "Asa Morena"
spell ! All of you, my dear friends,
singing this song and now I can't get it
out of my head! :-O
(now I know how Hera felt ahahha)
So lovely your voice here, mi sol!
Muitos beijos para mi niña linda!! :)
Aww, amiga, so lovely is your comment
here, angelito! :D
Hmmm... here wondering if you'll give
this song a try too, gee, how nice it'd
be! ;)
Gracias for the visit, cielo,
Another version of this song.. ve-ery
nice. i think it's time Howard sing this
as well..
Eheh hey Howard?! Don't try to avoid
what's "inevitable" :)
please reply here ;)

(oops sorry Diva, I'm messing up all
your comments here :D)
Woohoo, yesss, Dewi, please, help us get
Howie into this, amiga. :D Hey, but how
about you too, heh?! ;)
LOL, ahhh, please, don't worry, amico
Hera, make yourself at home, my pleasure
to have you here, boy! ;)
I just came across this months-old
conversation - you guys made me laugh.

My official position is:
"No comment."
:))) You know, dear darling, I come here
every now and then, when I have the
time, just to listen/read all the
comments again, soooo entertaining and
interesting at the same time. :D
And there are 'unfinished lessons',
both in a PM and in Boys Don't Cry. :P
There's lots of unfinished business
around here.
Hey, Diva, my friend.
I hadn't noticed that you sang this
one, too! It's such a pretty song.
What's it about? (hahaha, just
*kiDdiNg*!! Pleee-e-ease don't try to
answer! @_@))

AH, Hera, I was of the same opinion,
the first time I listened closely to
those Rs.
"moscia" = thin, washed out? Well, at
least you HAVE a name for it. I was
completely at a loss. I'm starting to
"get" it, now (which is not to say that
I can pronounce it).
Ehehe Howie, difficult to explain,
dictionary says: "R moscia" = "French R"
and yes I think this can explain it
While in Italy (and Spain too I guess?)
we have a teRRRible strong and 'rolling'
R. Well a few people here have this
"French R", tipically sounding quite
'aristocratic' to all other's ears =)
In English this can't be noticed, I
already tested it :) I've met some
americans speaking a very little
Italian: while speaking US En of course
I didn't noticed.. but when they were
speaking Italian this french R was soo
evident (others pronounced a good
rolling R).
You'll find this quite educational:
Hahaha, not really, Hera!
"How not to do it?"

Yes, I agree. I find Diva's Rs very
similar to French Rs, but with less
voicing and with extra aspiration.
Almost like our American H!! (Or perhaps
more like a German CH. Hardly an R at
all to my American ears.) Your roilled
Rs are not easy to do (see video, haha)
but they nevertheless SOUND LIKE AN R
Hey, Howard, meu querido amigo, what's
the song about? Well, let me try to
explain... LOLOLOL
Don't worry, I won't try, hahahaha,
well... maybe only when/if my English
vocabulary range gets a 'bit' improved,
enough for me to try, then, ok? ;) About
the moscia, thin, washed out, French,
rolling 'r's, I see that there are
comments from Hera and you below. I'll
read them and see if I can write
something about it too... lol
I've already seen something about this
'r' topic you're discussing... Let me
see... Talking about Portuguese, well,
Brazilian Portuguese, because the
European Portuguese sounds different,
Depending on where you are in Brazil,
the 'r's and 's's among other letters,
will sound different. I'll try to be
brief, lol, or it'll take 'pages' for me
to try to explain something, confusing
as I can be... Brazil, as a whole, is a
biiig mixture of races, cultures,
habits, due to the immigrants that have
come from all over the world - however,
there aren't 'dialects', I mean,
everybody understands everybody, only
some words change, for example,
comparing the North/Northeast and the
South, but let's leave it and go to the
point. :)
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, for
instance. I'll read these words like
they'd be read in SP and RJ:
-CASAS (houses)
-UM INSTANTE, POR FAVOR (an instant,
Now, in São Paulo (capital), compared
to a small city far from the capital,
but in the same State, some words:
-DOR (pain)
-AMOR (love)
-PORTA (door)
-Abra a porta, por favor. (Open the
door, please)
The pronunciation can sound slightly
different as well, when you are singing
or speaking. "Me faz pequena, asa
morena, me alivia a dor / Aliviando a
dor que mata, me faz ser teu amor..."
PS.: as a coincidence, a cousin of
mine, who lives in a small city in the
State of São Paulo, about 500km far
from the capital is here, and I've just
asked her to sing this part of the song,
and I'm going to 'immitate' her, ok? lol

I love this, Diva!
What do you think, Hera?
I think it means we can get away with
ANYTHING! Any way we pronounce this is
gonna be okay with Diva, haha.

Seriously, it was very interesting and
educational, but please don't expect me
to get very close to ANY of those words.

The most interesting R of all, to me,
was not even part of your demonstartion.
In the first lesson -- Casas e por favor
-- you said
"?io Janeiro" at 0:13.
OMG, I love that R!!

Thanks, Diva.
Diva, you know your English is more than
sufficent to explain ANYthing you want,
but sometimes, no matter what the
language, some people just cannot
understand certain things. Eu sou
pesaroso. For example, you could explain
certain poems to me until you are blue
in the face (as we say) but it would all
be a waste of breath. Asa Morena is one
of those poems for me.
You know Diva, you are very good at
explaining these language issues.
You should be a teacher!
You could teach Portuguese to
foreigners, or you could teach English
to Brazilians.
Good idea!!!
That's what I do, I mean, when I have
private students. :)
English to Brazilians. Beginners up to
low-intermediate, because after so many
years after teaching in a school, the
little fluency I had has been fading
away very quickly, unfortunately... :(
Ah, I see, so, you like the French 'R's,
right? The sound you mention comes when
a word starts with R, when a word has
double RR in the middle and when in the
middle of the word, there is a consonant
before it. Exs.:
Rainha - Queen
CaRRo - car
GenRo - son-in-law
It has a different sound when in the
middle of a word, without a consonant
precceding it:
RaRo - rare
CaRo - expensive
*Recording the words for you. :)
(First, I had to review the previous

Sim, professora. I'm still interested.

You are nothing less than GREAT!
Congratulations! :D
(^_^) Yeah, well, one short word at a
time isn't TOO hard. But you heard what
happened when I tried to put two words
together! Hahaha.
"Um caro carro."
Or no.
"Um carro caro"

Now what's this?
"Este é um carro caro."
How was that? LOL

Hey, I want to ask you, Diva: When you
are speaking English, and you say such
words as HOUSE or HOT, does it "feel"
like you are saying ROUSE and ROT? Haha!
That's not exactly the question I meant
to ask. But can you intuit my question?
I'm really asking, I think, about two
separate things:
(1) Are our English H's really
IDENTICAL to your Portuguese initial
R's? (Or is there some extra element
that distinguishes the two sounds for

And, if they are identical,
(2) what it is like to speak a second
language where there is a phoneme switch
like that! I mean, we have both "hat"
and "rat", but but for you... I can't
even imagine what that would be like for
you! (^_^)
"Este é um carro caro."
Yes, House and Hot make me feel I'm
saying Rouse and Rot, but with that
French R, not the Rolling R used by
Spanish speakers. :)
Hahaha, Hat leads me to Rat as to the
way I pronounce it, however, rat... I
don't think there's an equivalent sound
for us, in Portuguese, and 'reason',
'rose', and so on... ;)
*Recording, LOL
Why would you have a nasty rodent on top
of your head??

LOL just kidding. Your R's & H's sound
perfect. (How long have you benn living
in the states now?) But it's so
interesting that you say it really does
feel odd to you when you say "Hot" but
you feel like your saying "Rot". I love
that! How weird! I still can't quite
imagine it, but I love trying to think
about it.

I suppose that feeling fades when you
are using English more, and it creepa
back in when you let yourself get
"rusty"? Take care, professora.

Um beijo. I gotta get some sleep. Hasta
Mañana. Oh, that's Spanish.
Buenos días! Oh, that's Spanish, :P
LOL, "How long have you been living in
the States now?" - well... with this
'amazing' fluency and wide vocabulary
range of mine, I'd say I've been living
in the States for a week, hahahahaha...
Joking. Unfortunately, those 15 days in
Fullerton and the 3 days in SF, in 1997,
was my one and only opportunity to be
there... :*( - BUT, playing Pollyanna, I
say 'It's much better little than
nothing at all'. ;)
Take care, teacher. :)
Ah Diva, so bad that I've discovered
your version "too late" :D
Here your voice is so much in the
foreground, I can hear the pronunciation
very well!
So you (all) have a funny "R"... (we
call it "R moscia" :D) I mean now I see
all brazilians pronounce R the same
way.. while I convinced myself that
"only" Zizi Possi had the R in that
peculiar way, as it was her flaw, so I
kept pronouncing it my way (you know
"rolling R" rrr :D). Ohhh myyy what a
mess ahahah
um beijo!!
Ah, amico, I've listened to your
version, and I was completely amazed,
thank God you didn't manage to pronounce
all the 'r's and 's's the Brazilian way,
because that way you did is perfect; as
I see it, there's a difference between
mispronouncing and having a slight
accent. You haven't mispronounced
anything as far as I am concerned, but
that slight accent added allll the charm
possible to your sweet voice, and must I
say, I liked your unplugged version
veeery much, indeed! :D Unplugged
Heracleum sounds awesome! ;)
This version of mine is sounding
terrible, one of my first attempts here,
so, still getting used to the recording
features, not yet such a great singer,
LOL (as if I were now, hahahahaha) -
But, congratulations, mio caro amico,
and let's wait for more renditions of
the song... ;)
Grazie molto for dedicating it for us,
it was very kind and thoughtful of you.
Tender beijosssss,
Sua voz é muito gostosa de ouvir...a
música tbm foi uma ótima escolha!
Prefiro não ouvir a gravação original
pq gosto de ouvir cada um cantando do
seu jeito e o seu é muito legal!
Olá, Rayo... :) Puxa... Quatro
surpresas de uma vêz só! Você postou
este comentário tão amável, adicionou
a música à sua playlist, me adicionou
à sua lista de favoritos e me convidou
para sermos amigas!!! Nossa, obrigada,
de coração, comecei bem o dia... :D
Um graaande beijo,
É uma satisfação enorme para mim ter
músicas suas na minha playlist, tê-la
na minha lista de favoritos e agora mais
ainda ter aceito o convite para sermos
amigas!!! Que Deus lhe abençôe!
:))) Um brinde a essa nova amizade, que
seja fortalecida e duradoura. :)))
Muito obrigada, Rayo, você me deixou
bem feliz hoje. :D
Fique com Deus, amiga. :)
cantei junto ouvindo essa musica...n tem
como n ouvi-la e n cantar...é tão
lindaa...parabéns...vc tem um
repertorio riquissimo...beijossss
Bem... num 'dueto' com você, carolzita,
eu ficaria muito feliz em ficar só no
'lá-lá-lá', pra não te atrapalhar,
lol - agora... eu também ouço (e
'canto') muito 'besteirol', a título de
diversão e entretenimento, mas, cá pra
nós, é bom ouvir uma boa música, uma
letra 'com significado', pra variar,
não acha?! :)))
Ahhh, Lú... É um elogio e tanto, vindo
de alguém que canta como você!
Obrigada, amiga! :)))
Quem sabe alguém ouça, goste da
música e queira ouvir a versão
original com a grande Zizi, não é
mesmo?! ;)
Um abração!
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